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Ed grew up with a camera in his hands and has worked in the photography business for over 40 years. In 1979 he took his passion and made it into a full-time business. In 1980, he took his business to the Depot in Smithville. After 15 years, he decided to build a house and studio in Wooster where he still resides today with his wife Elaine. He is a member of Professional Photographers of Ohio and SPAC: School and Sports photography, regularly attending conventions in Vegas. He has 3 children; Bryan, Bethany and Breanna. 




Emily has worked for Ed for over 25 years all through High School and College. She graduated from The University of Ashland while also taking her love for photography to the Art institute of Pittsburgh. Emily is the head of our school department, also specializing in Wedding, Family, and Children photography. She lives in Orrville with her husband Justin and two kids, Zach and Dane.



Customer Service/Sports

Peggy is Ed's youngest sister and has worked at the studio for 14 years. She is head of our sports department, specializing in photoshop, template design, and artistic retouching. She also takes care of all office management needs. She enjoys spending time with her husband Ron and has two children, Matt and Megan, who all reside in the Sterling area. 



Photographer/Graphic Designer

Aarica has been with Marty's for 8 years and does a little bit of everything at the studio. She works with custom graphic designs on banners, cards, templates, and composites, while also artistically retouching portraits. Aarica is also a photographer for schools, sports, and seniors and assists Emily in Weddings. She resides in Wooster with her husband Doug and two kids, Myron and Haddie Jo. 



Photographer/Graphic Designer

Amanda lends a hand in graphic design, photography, and assists in the school department. She has a talent in creating eye catching templates, banners, and marketing designs. Amanda specializes in Adobe Photoshop as well as Adobe Indesign. She lives in the Smithville school district and enjoys spending time with her husband Brad and their 4 kids, Mackenzie, Josie, Zion and Eva.

Photographer/Graphic Designer

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